Stinky front load washer? read about it here.


Front load washer smelling? Don’t blame the washer blame your additives. The ingredients for a stinky washer is too much soap, too much liquid fabric softer and never using bleach. If this is you I bet you have a stinky front load washer. I have seen washers turn to sewage factory’s within a year due to improper use of additives and most blame the washer. Resist the “more is better” way of thinking. Use the right amount of soap and make sure its high efficiency (HE) soap. First..Never fill to the MAX line. Of course the soap manufactures want you to use lots of soap. That”s why they include large caps on the containers of soap so you’d use more then normal and its so counter productive. not to mention harsh on your skin. Second Get rid of liquid fabric softener. its like the petri dish for mold and mildew. I know i know your addicted to it like Hilary Clinton is to pant suites but its the glue for stinky washers. the new pellet softener beads seem to be less harmful then the liquid but i recommend fabric softener sheets. The only side effect to fabric softener sheets is your lint screen in the dryer can form a build up. 5 minutes in hot soapy water will clean it like new and much easier then to clean the washer.. Third use bleach. If not on your whites run it to clean the washer from time to time. They also make cleaners for washers. one of the cleaners is called washer magic and seems to work well but the key to preventing a stinky washer is avoid it in the first place. Use proper chemicals and run clean cycles. Once it stinks its hard to get rid off. If you have any questions about your washer top or front load feel free to call or post a question.